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    Yennage Can't Cook #7 Patented Pizza Pockets

    Hey welcome to episode #7 of Yennage Can't Cook! This Sunday I decided to forgo my usual McDonalds meal and eat a nice healthy homecooked meal instead even though I'd eaten a large lunch. Now I saw Richey's tasty looking pizza pockets and figured "hey if I can burn cupcakes I'm sure I can burn this too!" so without further ado here's my version called patented pizza pockets.

    Step 1 -- Here's my ingredients:

    From left we've got Tesco seeded tortilla wraps (aka the bad kind), Cool Original Doritos (what the hell even is cool original?), Tesco Value Garlic Bread, Pizza Express Margherita (best pizza in the UK) and the obligatory coke (I was thirsty ok!)

    Step 2 -- Waste no time in unpacking your reasonably priced garlic bread and whack it straight in the oven:

    Protip: Use a baking tray that isn't ridiculously undersized for a far easier cooking process

    Step 3 -- After about 8 minutes (I don't use a timer) of cooking the garlic bread, go ahead and whack in the pizza

    Protip: Flip your garlic bread before taking the picture to hide the fact that its quite badly burnt!

    Step 4 -- When the pizza is about burnt, crush some doritos on top using your bear fist (no seriously I don't mean bare fist.)

    Protip: Put a stop to bullying by wearing your blue coloured "Beat Bullying" wristband from like 5 years ago

    Step 5 -- Drop the garlic bread onto the pizza as well!

    Protip: Use your hand to obscure the burnt centre of the pizza in the first picture and then a garlic bread in the next picture (that's right I'm getting smarter at hiding my burnt food)

    Step 6 -- Sit your pizza and garlic bread on top of a wrap and then put another wrap on top of the pizza (obviously add coke too )

    Protip: Don't actually add coca cola to tortilla wraps, it makes them taste awful

    Step 7 -- Whack the whole lot into the oven and back it for an arbitrary amount of time and then lift it out!

    Protip: Despite what you may believe, tortilla wraps do become very hot after just 1 minute in the oven and will still burn you if you try and pick it up

    Step 8 -- Cut the whole dealie in half to showcase its brilliance!

    Protip: Loose doritos and over excitement to take a picture can lead to some spillages in the kitchen

    So yeah that was a... different meal... Basically the whole combination of coke + garlic + pizza + seeded tortilla didn't really work and after eating almost the whole lot I have to admit this was the first YCC that made me feel genuinely unwell for a little while although I'm not sure whether it was the taste or just the sheer amount of carbs (I think)
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    What a beautiful world this will be, what a glorious time to be free!

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    Looks very tasty.
    No wonder you felt unwell, there's way too much there.
    Maybe you should share it with us next time!!!!
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    You just put a full loaf of garlic bread over a pizza, wrapped it in tortilla shells, and called it a "pocket". You sir, have just won 25,000 internet points!
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    At least im not the only one with arms that show my veins.

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    That surprisingly made a good looking wrap!
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    I wanna try that. Most definitely.

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    lawl. awesome yen, keep up the (good?) cookin!

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    As a bread fan I must tip my hat to you.

    *Tips Hat*

    Yennage, you have ousted yourself. Great job!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cpt.Carnage View Post
    That's what I thought. Then again I'm crazy enough to put Garlic Chicken Kievs between 2 thick slices of Hard-dough bread.

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    Looks ...wrong.

    Yet, looks right! nomnom.
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