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    Wow, that's awesome! Really cool choice
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    Haha cool jeff. Good work.

    So what exactly are you building in it?

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    some kind of tropical paradise.

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    cool when are u going to post more pics ?¿
    (gijs cant make a "¿":P )
    Just another day in this blocky world will make me go mad... I square...

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    another update. now i can record in hd.

    ive added dirt, trees, and water to one half of the mountain. its rough though. the land should be contoured and eventually a river will come out from the waterfall.

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    lol I like the 1 chat comment thats 1 big tree I managed to grow.. lol nothing like the one jeff's looking at right now :P hehe amazing stuff
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    thats ridiculous.
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    haha, this is becoming another minecraft world inside the world! :P
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