We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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    Sheesh dude, its a 1 year old thread lol.

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    Haha oh shit it is, well I feel the fool, all I saw was the 02-07 and skimmed over the most important part AHahah, that's hilarious on my part. Oh well gave me a good laugh. Off to the next place to find a fix for this crap, hopefully a more... recent one. ahahah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruolong View Post
    Hello all,

    I don't know if you guys know how to do this but i will make this post so maybe it could be useful to someone.

    ***First of all i am not responsible for anything that could happen to your Minecraft game, if you follow my instructions there shouldn't be a problem.***

    **Make sure that your Minecraft game is closed **

    For cows:

    1. Start -> Run -> Type "explorer" (Without the " ") (Or you could go to My computer it will do the same), Hit ENTER.

    2. In the address bar, type in %appdata%, Hit ENTER.

    3. Now go to your folder options.
    -For Win7: Organize -> Folder and search Options.
    -For WinXP: Tools -> Folder Options.

    4. Go to the VIEW tab.

    5. Remove the check mark near -> Hide extensions for known file types , now hit OK.

    6. Go to your .minecraft folder.

    7. Go to the resources folder.

    8. Go to the newsound folder.

    9. Go to the mob folder.

    10. You should now see files with the extensions ".ogg". Those are the sound files.

    11. Now delete the files cow1.ogg, cow2.ogg, cow3.ogg and cow4.ogg.Don't worry about deleting those i will explain how to get the files back at the end.

    12. Now right click inside that folder (on the white part, not on a file) and go to new -> Text Document.

    13. Name that file cow1.ogg (It will ask you a question just click yes)

    14. Now right click that files that you just named (cow1.ogg) and go to properties.

    15. Put a check mark on the attribute-> "Read only"

    16. Click Apply and OK.

    17. Repeate step 12 to 16 for cow2.ogg, cow3.ogg and cow4.ogg

    18. Now when you log into the game the files will not be able to be replaced or change so there will be no more cow sounds.

    19. Enjoy the silence.

    You can do the same process for any annoying mob sound in the game.
    As for getting back the original sounds, just go back to the .minecraft\resources\newsound\mob folder and delete the modified files and log back into Minecraft. All those files will get replaced with original ones and the original sounds will be back.

    If you have any problems just drop me a message and i will help you the best i can.

    Later Ruo.
    When I tried this, I went into C:\Users\Daniel\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft and there's no newsound folder, only assets, libraries, logs, resourcepacks, saves, shaderpacks and versions. I went back into appdata and tried a search for "newsound" but nothing came up. I play in 1.11.2 and yes I do use optifine so 1.11.2 optifine, I'm about to update to B7 after I post this. Anyone know a new way to do it? I built a farm next to my village and it was a bad mistake.. I'm too lazy to rebuild it and move the animals again though.. and I don't want to disable mob sounds because if I do creepers will sneak up on me all the time! (They already do.. but.. the hiss noise alerts me..)

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    Will lowering the 'Friendly Mobs' slider to zero achieve what you want? At the game's starting menu, click 'options', then 'music and sounds'. They segregated the hostile mobs and friendly mobs sounds into two sliders. But narrowing a certain mob would be useful, I hate sheep and cow sounds but for some reason like pig snorts. (Don't judge me -_- )

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    Lol Schob, this question was posted 5 years ago or so. Friendly mob slider wasn't around back then But yeah, that slider does achieve now what OP was asking about back then!

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