We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff1741 View Post
    215? The Anvil format is 256 block tall
    I'm human so are you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew61 View Post
    I'm human so are you.
    How do you know I'm human?
    Don't forget to vote for the server!

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    Love this XD

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    YO u could of used a whole lot less wool if it was just hollow

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    It is hollow right now. We've got plans for the inside though that we haven't started.
    Remember to vote for MCA!

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    Man I saw this on the world maps and just thought wow that looks great. I love how you made the companion cube as portal,portal2 and minecraft are my favorite games.


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    Wow! That's amazing guys, good job.

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    Nice work! Looks good! Have you done anything else to the inside Alien?


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