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    Vote for Minecraft Addicts!

    Hey Guys!

    Remember to vote daily for your Caps reward (Currently 15 Caps per vote!)
    We could really use your help to get to the top of the list where we belong!

    We plan to bring top voter rewards in the future.

    All you have to do is vote for the server daily.
    To do so, follow the links below and make sure you enter your in game name for your reward.

    MC-MP - http://minecraft-mp.com/server/17185/vote/
    MCServers - http://minecraftservers.org/vote/75050
    MCServersList - http://www.minecraft-servers-list.org/details/alien12/
    Minecraft Servers List - https://www.minecraft-servers-list.net/servers/1728/
    Planet Minecraft - http://www.planetminecraft.com/serve...s-server/vote/

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    Remember to vote for MCA!

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    Vote <--Click to vote for our wonderful server!
    Vote <-- and here while you're at it!

    Internet Rule 639. Derpy Hooves loves you! *Kiss*


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    How is this thread necessary? I mean, EVERYONE knows MCA is the best any way, so why vote?
    FOR CAPS OF COURSE! Lol jokes! Anything to support MCA!

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    Hello Addicts.

    We've added more voting sites that all include the 15 caps reward if you enter your username when voting.
    You can earn 60 Caps every day from voting alone and you help MCA in the process.

    MC-MP - http://minecraft-mp.com/server/17185/vote/
    MCServers - http://minecraftservers.org/vote/75050
    Minestatus - http://www.minestatus.net/31/vote
    Planet Minecraft - http://www.planetminecraft.com/serve...s-server/vote/

    Remember to vote for MCA!

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    Please do some voting if you want to bring new people to MCA.
    Playing music makes me happy!
    Vote for Minecraft Addicts!!http://www.minecraftaddicts.com/showthread.php/8945

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    New vote site added:
    Mineservers - http://www.mineservers.net/servers/4...t-addicts/vote

    You can now earn up to 75 caps per day.
    Mineservers will also have "super voting" days where you may vote once every hour, you will still gain 15 caps for each of those votes.
    Remember to vote for MCA!

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    I am voting daily

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    dph's Avatar Minecraft Addicts Operator
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    Feb 2011
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    Remember to vote! This is the start of the month so it makes the most difference! Vote Vote Vote!
    I run a shop. Buy stuff!

    Vote! You know you want to: http://www.minecraftaddicts.com/show...craft-Addicts!

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    I have voted today
    Quote Originally Posted by dph View Post
    Remember to vote! This is the start of the month so it makes the most difference! Vote Vote Vote!
    Vote for MCA!
    MC-MP - http://bit.ly/1eWjAsO
    MCServers - http://bit.ly/1cEMfRq
    Mineservers - http://bit.ly/1AXdmCG
    Minestatus - http://bit.ly/1JArtiV
    Planet Minecraft - http://bit.ly/1G44WIK


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