Welcome to the Events forum

Im xRicheyx, I am the Moderator of the Events forum. Here are a few thing you should know about Events.

  • Anyone Builder+ can host an Event
  • Any Builder+ can participate in "non-restricted" Events
  • Every Event has its own rules
  • Current Events and Polls will be Stickies at the top of the Events forum
  • Events are a great way to earn Caps and other prizes
  • Events are a great way to get your name known

If you're wanting to host an Event, fill out this application and send it to me via Private Message.

Event Hosting Application
1. What is your Event name?
2. What is the Event purpose?
3. What is your Event rules?
4. Where will you host the Event?
5. How long will the Event last?
6. Is there going to be a reward?
7. If there is going to be a reward, What will it be?

After sending in the application, I will review it and make revision suggestions and then let you know if its an acceptable Event.

Thanks, and have fun!