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Thread: nano912 - s1e13

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    nano912 - s1e13

    i woluld like Location: S1, E13: Unclaimed in the Oasis
    im going to build a big house/vilage

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    Accepted. added jojbatty to s1e13.
    Welcome to Oasis!
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    Reclaim s1e13

    1. s1e13 (currently owned by Jojbatty, offline for 5 years)
    2. nano912
    3. A system of Houses and rooms, connected by bridges and tunnels, woven into the mountain, with an emphasisis on classic minecraft feel, as you would also see attempted in the Story Mode games by telltale; this aesthetic being a throwback to my history with minecraft addicts, I was quite active about 5 years ago. This plot was my original choice to claim back then before it got claimed by Jojbatty.

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    Hi Nano,

    I have approved your reclaim and just combined it with the old claim thread to keep it together along with the removal of jojbatty from the plot.

    As there was not significant building I have added you and just removed the chests, signs and doors that I could see however please let me know here or on discord if you find some more and I will pop on and get them for you.
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