We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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    downright sexy
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    That river looks great.

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    Thanks guys. Its good to know that the river is looking alright.

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    man this looks great. You should add a subway/train station as a transport system and a few shops like : Pub and supermarket.
    In the pub you could sell potions and that kind of thing. in the supermarket food and raw materials. oh yea dont forget to add acasino for players to win or lose items.


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    Awesome Idea moreice! The next stage is to build downtown on the other side of the river, perhaps i could fit a small market in there, and a skyscraper with the bottom floor being a casino.

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    Looks good DCL. My hotel would go nicely there

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    i have a fair bit of white wool if you still need it let me know if you do (either in game or here)

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    Not to shabby there DCL

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    You mean this wasn't already finished? Dang. I thought it was the first time I saw it. Even incomplete, it looks very nice.
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    Well, Since this thread has been brought up again, I guess i can show you guys how much I've progressed. I've been working on 2 skyscrapers. One is finished, and the other one is still in progress. Also, the name of the city is now Riverside Estates. Should be accepting citizens soon! I'd also like to say that a requirement to live in the city is that I have to trust you. I'd rather not have trouble in my town. Anyways, Here are some screenies.


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