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    Yennage Can't Cook #11 Summer BBQ Edition + Special Guest!

    Hey viewers! Been forever since I did a Yennage Can't Cook but the recent summery weather over here prompted me to break free from the shackles of my kitchen and go for a BBQ! This week we also have the second YCC special guest, vivalacarl!

    Step 1 -- Assemble your ingredients on a convenient log:

    From left we've got Honey infused sausages, Tesco disposable BBQ, Tesco smoked back bacon, spicy chorizo, cool original Doritos (what flavour even are they?) and Kingsmill soft white rolls!

    Step 2 -- Disaster strikes mere seconds later!

    Protip: Place your ingredients on a fragile dead branch that's falling to pieces!

    Step 3 -- Use a flint and steel to light your BBQ paper to show what a pro outdoorsy type you are

    Protip: Have no backup in case the flint and steel doesn't work to ensure frantic striking!

    Step 4 -- Succeed in lighting it!

    Protip: Careful when striking, Carl put a massive amount of effort into eventually getting it lit and ended up cutting his fingers pretty bad

    Step 5 -- Toss your bacon on to the BBQ

    Protip: Bring along no method to clean your hands after handling raw meat for maximum food hygiene!

    Step 6 -- Flip the bacon and let it cook away nicely

    Protip: Concentrate solely on taking macro images of the food because you have no idea how to determine when it's cooked anyway

    Step 7 -- Throw on the sausages too!

    Protip: Put the stuff that will cook quickest on first to ensure the optimum combination of undercooked and burnt food

    Step 8 -- Stare intently at the food and begin to philosophise over woodland cooking:

    Protip: At what point of activity does the woodland transcend its natural status to become a fully blown kitchen?

    Step 9 -- Shout out to special guest vivalacarl who managed to save the day by lighting the BBQ

    Protip: Remember to comment, rate and subscribe!

    Step 10 -- Decide some of the coals need a little help and light the cardboard packaging to get it going!

    Protip: Surgical grade food packaging cardboard infuses the food with ink flavourings, delicious!

    Step 11 -- Take the wilderness cooking to the next level by ripping the rolls apart by hand:

    Protip: Add an extra "rustic" element by doing a totally intentional bad job!

    Step 12 -- Add Doritos into your roll to begin assembly!

    Protip: Doritos make any prospective roll better!

    Step 13 -- Add in the sausage and enjoy!

    Protip: Eat the bacon before it burns beyond recognition and ruin the roll assembly

    Really good result from this one actually viewers, you can't beat a good BBQ! Thanks again to special guest vivalacarl, hopefully Summer BBQ Edition #2 will be coming middle of next week!

    Anyway, here's something you may or may not find interesting, some pics of the filming location:

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    that is an unusual way of cooking.. but sure.

    never seen a bbq that small before...

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    That's a nice piece of photography :P Loved the episode man! Keep up the best cooking "show?" in the whole world!
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    ...and not a drop of IrnBru in sight.

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    Haha it's funny you should mention that actually limo, Carl picked some up in Tesco but we decided to swap it out for Doritos literally seconds before it got scanned.
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    What a beautiful world this will be, what a glorious time to be free!

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    lolol, silly yen. You were grilling, not BBQ'ing. Can't say I'd try it but it looks like you had fun.
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    Looks delish! BBQ is a great way to expand the possibilities for good food. I've been curious about those portable bbq's for a while, looks like they get the job done well enough!
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    You've got EpicMealTime running for their money bro!

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    man that's awesome and really impressive pics btw.
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    I best not be left out of Part 2 now I'm back home xD


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