We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
Build world - Creative/Survival
The build server is an open to all server where you must claim land, mine resources, and the likes without any mobs or pvp interactions. This world really is all about the Creative side of the server. Build to your hearts delight massive complex builds, pixel arts and much, much more. Only your imagination is the limit to what you build here.
Historic World - Closed Creative/Survival
The historic server has all the old builds from september 2010 to now really. The world is no longer accepting land claims. However there are still land claims and users that are very much active. Old landclaims and builds are continueing to be built on by long time users. Go explore the world and see all the things that we havent left behind but keep for all to see.

Survival - PvP, no protection, No land claims
Survival world its an everything goes world. Pvp is enabled so watch out for baddies. This world showcases all the stuff you cant find on the creative worlds, and thats no holding back. Stealing/greifing is allowed here so beware and hide your stuff good. There is no world map so it makes it harder for some users to find your stuff.
Nether - PvP, no protection, No land claims
The Nether... its the most requested world on this server since day one. Well its finally here it is the same as in survival but with Ghasts. If you like dark red dungeon spaces you will like it down here.

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